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About us

Andy Maintenance Inc, is Residential Janitorial and Maintenance company based in Chicago, Illinois. Our focus is in providing environmentally friendly services to commercial, residential and industrial clients within the Chicago land its surroundings.

We offer two distinct services:

• Green Cleaning – mainly in Janitorial, Exterior Cleaning and much more.

• Building Maintenance – such as General building Repairs and Renovations

Our Aspiration is:

“To be known as the most customer focused, trustworthy and progressive green residential maintenance company within the Chicago land, that adds to the quality of life for its clients, by saving them time, money, and improving healthy living conditions”.

It operates using three guiding principles:

• Customer focused
• Trustworthy
• Progressive

We provide our clients a “one stop shop” for all cleaning and building maintenance needs, we ensure our clients receive consistent quality service and value at all time, which explains it’s tagline – “Adding to the quality of life!”